Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Agave Nectar

For years I was under the impression that agave nectar was a natural and healthy alternative to other sweeteners like high fructose corn syrup and because I don’t really enjoy maple syrup I used this sweetener often in oatmeal and baked goods. Just recently has it come to my attention that this “natural” sweetener might not be so healthy or natural.

I’ve been doing a bit of research into natural sweeteners because Brett and I have recently stopped eating processed sugar. We still eat fruit, maple syrup and honey and we were going to start eating agave nectar until I found several articles that may have changed my mind. Unfortunately, though, I had already bought -a very expensive- bottle before I read the articles and we may eat this bottle in great moderation instead of just throwing it out. I also found some interesting information about coconut sugar and decided to pick some up at the local organic foods store. I used it in beer biscuits last night and was very pleased with the result. I don’t think we’ll really use coconut sugar much because we’re actually doing very well with this no-sugar diet but it’s nice to have on hand - just in case.

Last week was actually quite relaxing. Chucky and I went to our first movie; we saw Snow White and the Huntsman, there are tons of cinemas in Brisbane that host Babes in Arms showings where you can bring your baby and not worry about them crying or making noise. I think she enjoyed the movie and being with her new friend Darcy and she even slept for a good portion of the movie so I could enjoy it too.
Soaking up some vitamin D 

Chuck cool

Hat, shoes and card that Nana sent from America :) 

She is growing so quickly. In just the last two days she’s seemed to mature so much. She’s trying to stand on her own and she has many new facial expressions. We’ve signed up for another quarter of Baby Sensory and we may start going to baby yoga.
Dancing with Dad

Happy baby

Mom and baby

I’ve been sort of working on a small business idea but am unsure about the details of it yet. Brett is still enjoying work and is working on a new project at home. All in all, we’re well. 

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  1. Good job on the no sugar. love the pic's. Chucky is growing so fast. Can't wait to take her shopping. Keep the posts coming we love them. Love Grandma