Sunday, July 15, 2012

Mother Blessing Quilt

I’ve FINALLY finished Chuck’s quilt from the Mother’s Blessing! It’s taken me MUCH longer that I thought it would because well…I have an infant to take care of and nothing gets done quickly. I love how the quilt has turned out even though I will do things differently when I make another quilt (whenever that may be) Chucky really seems to love the finished product. When she has her tummy and no-nappy time she plays with the strings and looks at all the different squares. Thank you to all who brought a square!

the squares sewn together

Finished product!

We’re all doing quite well. The weather hasn’t been ideal, a lot of rain lately, but when it is nice we make sure to get out into the sun and soak up some of that much needed vitamin D.

Chucky is nearly crawling and has been recently saying “mama,” we’re not quite sure if it’s on purpose yet but last night when Brett and I went to a Cirque Du Soliel show (which was amazing!) she was fussy when Whitney tried putting her down for the night and kept saying “mama” when she was crying. I’m so glad I didn’t know because I’m sure I would have left the show immediately to come home. I can’t believe how much she’s growing and changing lately. She has so much personality for a 6 month old. She’s usually very independent but has been quite the Mama’s girl lately (which I don't mind at all)

We haven’t been up to anything new lately; I’ve been sewing a lot and Brett is currently working on an exciting side project. J


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  1. Chucky really loves strawberries apparenty. What great pics. I miss you all so much. Love Ya Grandma.