Sunday, September 9, 2012

Color Swatch Dresser

For months I've been wanting to complete a few DIY projects in Chuck's room and this weekend I finally got the chance.

We picked up a dresser awhile ago from a garage sale and I had ideas about painting it gray and pink. When I saw this on pinterest I thought it was a great idea and would look great with this dresser so we went to Bunnings on Saturday and picked out the paint. I sanded the entire thing down to bare wood and painted today. I'm so pleased with the result. It looks great in her room. (I've made a few other little things for her room and will post pictures of the before and after when the entire room is complete)

(I was too excited to start on the project and forgot to take a photo before sanding down one of the drawers) 

One of the drawers sanded down

(I also painted a few Ikea frames to go in her room (they're sitting on top of the dresser)) 

Aside from this project our weekend was very quiet. Still getting things done around the house. Chucky is crawling very well now and pulling herself up to stand. She's also gotten her second tooth. We think she might be trying to walk soon....oh dear. 

Daddy and Chucky in an adorable old outfit of mine :) 

I love this bonnet 

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Dad's Day

Father's Day happens on a different day here in Australia than it does in America - Mother's Day is the same. So to celebrate Brett's first Father's Day he got breakfast in bed (a Big Breakfast) and we went to the beach with his Grandma, brother and brother's partner. We had a great day in the sun and even went for a bit of a dive but the water was extremely choppy and I didn't take my wetsuit - big mistake - because after only a short amount of time in the water I got too cold and needed to get out of the water. The current was too strong to let us get out of the water where we had come in so we ended up letting the current push us into a sandy beach much farther down than we where we started, which meant we had a bit of a walk over many rocks to get back to where Brett's Grandma, Nela (Darren's partner) and Chucky were.
Photo taken at Baby Sensory 

After our beach outing we went to Brett's Uncle and Aunt's house for a bbq. We got to catch up and discuss plans for our commune. 

Cousin AJ and Chucky at the lake

Chucky and I have been home from America for 2 weeks now and we're finally starting to settle into a routine again. She's got a bit of a cold right now but it doesn't seem to be affecting her too badly. We're all doing well besides Charlie's little cold. 
First tooth! 

She loves her strawberries!