Friday, March 14, 2014

Mini Photo Shoot

I took the girls outside yesterday to take photos of some of the things I've been making and ended up with these lovely photos.

C really really wanted to ride on the 'see-saw' with E...E doesn't look very impressed

E trying on the slouchy hat 

and C trying on the blue hat

I've already posted this photo but I LOVE it

Thursday, March 13, 2014


I've renamed and revamped my Etsy shop! I wanted a new name because I want to sell things other than nappies. I've made more than enough nappies for my girls and have grown bored with nappy making. (Not to say that I wouldn't be willing to make more if someone wanted them.)

I'm now selling --for the time being-- crochet items. Right now my inventory includes, hats, beanies with beards attached and slippers. I'm working everyday to create new items for my shop and my facebook page is always being updated with the latest items.

Here are most of the things I'm selling at the moment:

Sunday, March 2, 2014


February was a very busy month, which is why I'm just now getting around to posting anything at all.

Mom came for a visit so the beginning of the month was spent getting ready for Mom's arrival. There was also, my birthday and C's best friend's birthday. We had a great month and can't believe it's already over!

cute new outfits from Nana!

Spending the day at the zoo for D's birthday

Byron Bay for my birthday

Mom and I hiked up to the light house

and an early February photo of C on the flying fox. Good thing she has a strong grip.

Photo update

This is just a short post to put up some recent photos of the family.

We spent the weekend at the Sunny Coast with family and took some lovely photos while we were there.


This post is clearly very late but life is busy so..better late than never.

January was a great month and went by too quickly. C turned 2! We took her to the zoo for her birthday and then had a small party at our house where she had fish and chips for her birthday dinner! She got lots of great gifts and had a really great day.

I can't remember what this lizard is called but C liked seeing the animals this close and touching them


E reading the map

Not so sure about the Kookaburra

Wild lizard!

very large tortoise

scary dino

they were walking the baby tigers too! C desperately wanted to pet them

C's favorite part was feeding the sheep

Terry, Bindi and Robert Irwin were at the zoo the day that we went!

C's watermelon "cake"

Birthday present from Mom and Dad

Baby E

C loves her baby sister so much