Sunday, July 15, 2012

Baby Led Weaning

She loves her pets! 
Above: Tesla and Chuck
Below: Mishka and Chuck 

We've recently starting trying to feed Chucky solid food the conventional way - mashed up and on a spoon - and she's not having it. She turns away and refuses to let us feed her so we're trying something alternative and it's working wonderfully. It's called Baby Led Weaning, basically it's just sharing the food that you're eating with your baby. It's very simple and she loves it! I've just been cutting things up to make them stick-like and baby size and she grabs them and puts them in her mouth to try out the texture and taste. It's a lot less work for us - unless you count the cleaning up part - and she's actually enjoying it.

She's had toast with peanut butter and vegemite - both of which she loved - banana, fake chicken strips, vegan banana pancakes, broccoli, apple, carrot, pb & j, mashed potato and recently strawberry which we think is her favorite and also probably the messiest. It's a lot of fun to watch her work out how to put the food in her mouth and she seems to really enjoy exploring new tastes and textures.

Here are a few photos of her enjoying some new foods.

vegan banana pancakes


very messy strawberry....

We miss all of you Americans!

Mama and Chucky in an outfit I made :) 

Dad, Mishka and Chucky

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