Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Reupholstered Glider Chair

This post is really just to show off one of the projects I accomplished while waiting for baby #2 to arrive.

One of the things I had on my "To-Do Before Baby Arrives" list was buy a second hand glider chair. I didn't intend on reupholstering it until I got it home and realized that I really hated the upholstery. The chair and cushions are in great condition but I couldn't get over the ugly fabric. So, I went to Spotlight and found some great fabric that we liked (they were having a great sale on decorating fabric, bonus!) and got online to figure out how to reupholster glider chairs.

I used this blog to help me work out how I would go about this project. All I did, really, was make slip covers for all of the cushions because they are all easily removed from the chair. I measured each cushion, cut the fabric to be slightly larger, sewed the fabric pieces together and then used snaps to close off one of the sides. 

Chair and ottoman before

Chair after

Chair and ottoman after
I even had enough fabric left over to reupholster our 6 dining room chairs. They look really fantastic.

And of course, a picture of the girls - C loves to lay in bed with us in the morning after she wakes up. 

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