Friday, November 29, 2013

Another Down-Under Thanksgiving

This year we celebrated Thanksgiving in Australia again. The original plan was to be in America with my side of the family but we couldn't make it because of the new baby (and flying with a 2 year old is the exact opposite of fun). But that didn't stop us from celebrating and having a really good time. 

Knowing that Thanksgiving dinner usually takes nearly all day to prepare - without two small children to look after - I started making dinner early in the morning and Brett's lovely sister and her partner came over very early to help look after the girls! (Thank you!) 

Basically the day went well, making dinner, hanging out and ended with a lovely apple pie (a la mode of course) 

Our Thanksgiving dinner menu:
  • Mom's Seitan Roast -Which was amazing, Mom! Even all of the meat lovers enjoyed it! (I'll hopefully post the recipe soon after I ask for permission)
  • Brett's mashed potatoes with gravy - they're different every time and always delicious
  • Amazing green bean casserole - From FatFreeVegan, this is actually my most favorite holiday dish
  • Stuffing
  • and jellied cranberry sauce!
  • Apple pie and vanilla ice cream for dessert
Super tasty Seitan Roast

Yummy apple pie

C ready to eat!

Brett was attempting to hold E up without being seen...

Everything was extremely tasty and we have hardly any left-overs, which is a good thing (I didn't have to put anything away last night) and bad thing (I want more this morning).

Happy Thanksgiving!!

And so, on to Christmasy things! We're getting out the tree and decorations this weekend! Yippee! Hello hardcore Christmas baking and crafts!

I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving with lots of loved ones!


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  1. Looks like you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Ours was good here in the US except for missing all of you :-) Glad you enjoyed the Seitan roast. Yours looked much better than mine (of course). Love and miss you all :-)