Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Castile Laundry Stain Stick

Venus of Willendorf (kind of like a fertility goddess; I just recently bought this soap mold and was really excited about using it!)

I'm very excited to be posting about a new soap that I've recently made. It's a "castile" soap because the fat in the soap is 100% olive oil and it's a "laundry stain stick" because I rub it on stained clothing before washing and it does an AMAZING job at removing stains. I'm also going to start using it in my laundry soap and liquid dish soap.

I got the idea to make a bar soap specifically for laundry from another blog while I was doing research into soap making. I think this soap recipe works really well on stains because of the lowered amount of superfatting (from 5% in my body bar soap to 4% in this soap)--basically I used a smaller lye to fat ratio because I won't be using this soap on my skin, just on clothing and dishes.

I used my new soap mold (see above) for the laundry stick because I was really excited to see how the soap would look. I rubbed the soap on some clothes the other day and was amazed at what the stain stick actually got out of the clothing.

I was so excited about the results that I listed some bars of soap on my Etsy page! And because I've been on such a homemade-beauty-products kick (I've also recently made deodorant and lip balm) I've also listed some homemade lip balm. I think I will actually end up changing the name of my shop soon too...

Also, I've just started a Facebook page for my shop, you can get to the page by clicking here.

In other exciting news, C has recently started walking (today actually) and said her first words yesterday! She said "buh-bye" to my friend Kat as she was leaving our house yesterday. We weren't actually sure if that's what she meant or even said but then she said it about 5 more times while waving so we're definitely counting it!

We spent the weekend up on the coast, actually only Friday night and Saturday morning, and went to the beach. The water is warming up wonderfully again and it was great to take C to the beach.

All is well here and I hope the same is true for you!


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  1. C is amazing !!!. Sounds like your soap is too can't wait to try it.