Thursday, December 6, 2012

Happy December!

I can't believe it's December already! Happy 11 month birth anniversary C!

Whew. We've had a crazy week. Last weekend we went to Somerset Dam with friends for one of their 30th birthdays and it was great fun. Being at the lake made me really miss tubing and spending all summer on the boat. We decided to head home late Saturday night instead of spending the night because C was having a hard time sleeping and it was just too exhausting for Brett and me. That meant that we woke up at home on Sunday and got to go to the market!

View of the lake from our rented house

Sunday was nice and peaceful until C started to get sick enough for us to call the doctor and have them send someone out to see her on Sunday evening - it's wonderful that they still have doctors that do house visits! The doctor looked her over while she slept (awesome!) and said she was fine but maybe a bit dehydrated/constipated, the next morning she woke up and was completely healthy and fine. We don't know what it was but she's still healthy and happy.

The rest of the week wasn't great either because I was ill but we had Debbie here, Brett's mom, which was a wonderful break for Brett and me and C got to spend lots of time with her Grandma.

Yesterday made the entire week much better though because it was Brett's sister's graduation! We got to see Kahlee walk across the stage and spend time with lots of family.

Congratulations Kahlee! 

We've got another big weekend planned because a friend is coming into town so we're heading to the Sunny Coast tonight and plan to stay all weekend. So hopefully we'll get to see the beach and relax a bit after a crazy week.

Most of the week I didn't feel like doing much of anything really but I did manage to put a few new things in my etsy shop (so go check them out!) and I made a batch of shea butter soap, which is my favorite soap so far! I haven't decided if I'll put that in my etsy shop because I like it so much and want to keep all of it!

C is walking all over the place and loves every minute of it. She's just started showing us where her nose is by pointing and she had her first encounter with a fly.

 Enjoy your weekend and Happy December!

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  1. Kids are so easily amused and entertaining all at the same time. Thanks for the photos,videos and updates. We love it. Happy Winter Soltice