Monday, November 19, 2012

DIY Outdoor Table

Brett and I have spent the past two weekends building a table and benches for our outdoor patio area. We'd been wanting to get the patio in working order since we moved in, it was the reason, after all, that we wanted to rent this place, but it just hadn't happened until a few weeks ago. Mostly we hadn't worried too much about the outdoor space because it was winter and we didn't think we'd use it very much but it's now getting much warmer during the day and having a nice place outside to sit and relax is at the top of each of our to do lists.

So, two weekends ago we went to Bunnings and bought all the supplies and timber that we would need to build this table from . We actually ended up changing the table a bit to make it suit our tastes/needs (the slats in the table are a different size and the overall dimensions of the table are different); here are photos of how it went for us. 

Table support and aprons 

C helping out

Supports and aprons with legs!

Table completely assembled! 

This table took us all weekend to put together because building with a baby is difficult but also because we're complete newbies. So, this weekend we decided to build matching benches, also from, to go with our brand new table. At first we wanted to build just one bench and buy several random chairs from garage sales, thrift stores, etc but finding chairs we actually like might take some time and we really wanted to get some seating for our table because we're hosting an Australian Thanksgiving at our place this week! So, we built two benches to go with our new table. 

Brett doing a bit of measuring

Our bench supports and aprons with legs attached

After countersinking the holes but before the bench slats were actually attached to the bench supports (we used tile spacers for the spaces in our table and benchs; 5mm)

After the holes have been filled with wood filler and sanded down; ready to be stained!

After being stained!

Our newly constructed and stained out door setting!

Our patio area is looking much better than it did but it's still not finished. We have a hammock to hang, lanterns to make and lights to hang to make it more relaxing and homey. I can't wait to post an update!

Until then, enjoy! 
Playing in the rain 

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  1. I love the pictures!
    Charlie is soooo cute :-)
    The table and benches look great!