Monday, October 22, 2012


We decided long ago that we would use cloth diapers for our baby. We knew we'd love cloth diapers for a few reasons, namely it would save us LOADS of money in the long run and we wouldn't be throwing away 10 (or more) diapers a day.

Originally we started out with about a dozen pre-folds and I made a few water proof covers from PUL fabric. Then I became interested in making pocket diapers. After I began making them I started thinking about maybe selling them as something to keep me a bit more occupied while I stayed at home with Chuck (not that I don't have enough to do...)

Anyway, I FINALLY opened a shop on Etsy! Here is the link. It's been open for about two weeks now and I'm slowly adding more items all the time. I'm really enjoying making things to sell but business is still slow. I'm hoping to get about 15 items in the shop and then do a bit of advertising.

Everything else for us is good. It was so busy there for awhile that I thought we'd go crazy but I decided that I couldn't work and bring C to the office so we're on hiatus for awhile. I'm still going to be doing a few things from home when they need it which will be nice but for now I'm strictly a stay-at-home parent (with a new home business!).

C is getting so big. We've recently changed from Baby Sensory to the class one level up because she's nearly walking. She LOVES the new class. It's much more free form and she can crawl around on everything. They even have a trampoline that she loves to crawl all over.

Work is very busy for Brett but he's still enjoying it. We've been going to the beach quite often because it's been so hot here the past few weeks. We've been contemplating moving out of Brisbane next year when our lease is up because we would love to be closer to the coast and Brett's family. We'd probably be moving about a half hour out of Brisbane, still on the train line, so Brett could easily caught the train to work.

Hope you're all well.


This is her favorite new face. She knows she's funny. 

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  1. I love the nappies and C faces. What a ham. Love and Miss you. Gma