Saturday, October 6, 2012

Finding Time

C's first tooth! (She now has another) 

I’ve been surprised lately at how difficult it is to find time to update the blog (among many other things-  like showering). Ideally I would be posting weekly and possibly more frequently if we had exciting things to share…but that simply won’t happen anytime soon.

Recently I started working part time (very part time; just two days a week for three hours each day). I’m working at the company Brett’s currently working for. I’m at the support desk – answering phones and emails and doing the odd job here and there. I’ve been allowed to bring Charlie with me but it’s really too much stress and extra work so we’re looking around for Family Child Care (a day care in someone’s home). I’m enjoying the work but have much less time to do things like post on the blog and I really didn’t even have time before I started working again.

The weather has really started to warm up so we’ve been visiting the Sunshine Coast a lot; visiting family and going to the beach. C and I have been having weekly play dates with a few women we met at Baby Sensory and it’s been great to see Charlie and the other girls begin to play together.

Brett and I took Chucky to the pool today and she absolutely loved it. We recently decided that we want to teach Charlie to swim as well as we can before possibly putting her in swimming lessons. While looking into baby swimming we came across a few videos about baby survival floating so we thought we’d give that a shot, she didn't enjoy being on her back but we'll keep trying. She seemed to adjust to the pool very quickly. There is a shallow shelf that she can stand on while still holding on to the edge of the pool and she really enjoyed standing (and even WALKING!) in the water. It was a great day and C is pooped.

I think Chucky must be getting more teeth or something because she has not been sleeping well. Brett and I are up about 5 times each night with her and she doesn’t enjoying napping during the day. Needless to say we’re thoroughly exhausted lately but all is considerably well.

C is growing so quickly and has such a cheeky attitude. She’s always laughing and being noisy. I’d be surprised if she wasn’t walking by 10 months…I wish she didn’t like to stand so much. I can’t believe all the stuff she can now get in to.

Anyway, all is well here. Hope the same is true for you.  

She LOVES the swings

and strawberries

Elephant mask at Baby Sensory 

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