Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sugar free!

We’ve officially gone sugar-free! It seemed to be nearly impossible in the beginning but – just like becoming vegetarian – as soon as I was able to replace products containing sugar with sugar free products it became a whole lot easier and it’s becoming easier all the time. I’ve found wonderful sugar free blogs to follow and great recipes to try. Brett seems to be adapting well but I’ve already begun to feel the sugar withdrawals, I’m hoping they subside soon.

The last month or so has been exceptionally busy with Grandma visiting and now Whitney visiting but we’re all doing well.

We took Chucky to the zoo for the first time while Grandma was here. She didn’t seem that interested in the animals yet but even since Grandma has left she’s become much more interested in what’s going on around her. We now have to be very careful about what is within her reach.

This past weekend we were in Moura visiting some of Brett’s family and friends, most of whom had never even met Chucky. We had a great time even though the drive was long and both Brett and I came back sick.

This week is all about starting and finishing sewing projects that I’ve been meaning to get to for weeks so we’ll see if I actually get a chance to do that.  

Chucky is a happy little girl who is very interested in Tesla and anything silver or metallic in color. Brett’s dad bought her a Jolly Jumper and walker a few weeks back and she loves being in both of them. She’s even “chucked a few tanties” when I’ve taken something away from her that she shouldn’t have been playing with (so cute!) I’m really enjoying this age because she can’t yet move on her own but she’s very interested in her surroundings and I know she’ll be crawling anytime so I’m just trying to enjoy her immobile stage.

Life is wonderful even though I miss my family and friends so much. Hopefully I’ll be making it home soon for a little visit.


  1. We all miss you all so much, also! Smart to enjoy that time before she crawls. She looks so much like you with her raised eyebrows in this picture. Brett looks great and in the pictures Grandma brought back, you look as beautiful as ever. You might be making it home for a little visit? Before Octoer? In any case, we are glad you are all doing well and can't wait to see you! Grandma said she had a really wonderful time with you guys.

  2. She is so cute. I am glad you are doing so well. Miss you all bunches. Thats for keeping this blog I love reading whats going on with all of you. Love you Aunt Kim