Sunday, April 22, 2012

First Harvest!

This afternoon Brett had the great idea to make soft-boiled eggs (well, he wanted hard boiled eggs but I assured him that he didn’t know what he was missing in soft boiling them) and put them in a salad. So instead of buying all of the produce for a salad we made our first harvest from the garden! It was so satisfying and exciting going out to the garden this afternoon with the intent of bringing some of it inside! We harvested lettuce, two carrots – we really should have waited on the carrots but I was too excited to see our purple carrots and pulled up two itsy bitsy things that looked more like radishes – and a Lebanese cucumber. Everything tasted so delicious!
Our first harvest!

Cross section of one of the purple carrots

Garden now (cucumbers, zucchini)

and more (tomatoes)

Our weekend was very relaxing and slightly exciting because of the new appliance we have in our laundry room!

On Saturday we went to a birthday breakfast for one of Brett’s coworkers and afterward we headed to The Good Guys to see what kind of deal we could get on the washing machine that we wanted. It took much haggling and we actually left the store but in the end we got the price we wanted (even if the sales-lady was less than impressed) and are VERY happy with our new fancy-dancy washing machine!

This morning we got up and were very productive before deciding that we needed to get some exercise. We went up to Mt. Gravatt and walked around for a bit before coming home and making our first harvest.
The city from the Mt. Gravatt outlook

We are now relaxing away the rest of this Sunday while doing a bit of research into our new business venture. J

Peace & Love. 


  1. I love it! that fresh produce looks so delicious, I'm jealous!

  2. Great job on the garden and washing machine. Love Grandma