Monday, March 12, 2012

A Work in Progress

Originally I wanted to wait to post pictures of the house until it was all put together but…I realized that will be quite sometime and I think it will be fun to document the changes in the house as we get more settled. So…here is the house in its current state.

Front of the house from the road

The front room from the front door

Living room


Backdoor in the kitchen

Hallway from kitchen; our room left, Chuck's room middle and bathroom right

Our room

Another of our room

and another

Chuck's room

and another


Extra outdoor toilet from backdoor

Outdoor laundry room

Back yard

another of the back yard and covered patio


  1. I love the backyard!! and do you have 2 refrigerators? it sure looks like it :) hope you love the house, can't wait to see it come together after all your garage sale-ing!!

    1. We sure do....Brett had one from a previous house and usually when you move into a new place the new house doesn't have a fridge but this one did. So yes, we have two right now but no dish washer...

    2. on no! well maybe you can trade the fridge for a dishwasher somewhere??
      and I think I speak for everyone when I say more photos of my niece, please :)