Wednesday, March 21, 2012

More Settled all the Time

It’s been awhile since I’ve written the last entry because we’ve been so busy. I wonder if we’ll ever be completely settled in to our new house. We have times when our days are quite and lazy and then days and days where we’re running around and hardly get time to eat.

The past week has been busy but very productive. Brett’s Dad and step mom brought the Honda down (which was LOADED with a bunch of our stuff!) from Moura on Thursday (of last week) so getting around has gotten much easier and less time consuming. They stayed the night at our place and got to meet Charlie and visit with us even if it wasn’t for long.

On Friday night we made our way up to the Sunshine Coast to visit friends who hadn’t met Chucky yet and stayed the night. On Saturday morning we got up early, as usual, and bought a local paper and went garage sale-ing. We found a lot of great stuff; a crib and dresser for Chucky's room, an awesome floor rug for the front room, picture frames, a sander for our wood working projects and much more. After we had exhausted the garage sales in the area we went to Brett’s Grandma’s house and had breakfast. After hanging out for a bit we came home and hung out for the rest of the weekend, getting a lot of our stuff put away and unpacked.

This week has been more of the same, visiting with friends and getting the house more put together.

The garden is so much fun to watch grow. The zucchini and cucumbers are growing the healthiest and the tomatoes seem to be struggling a bit. I’m almost certain that there are a few little insects that are enjoying the tomato plants before we can enjoy the tomatoes so I must figure that out before we have no more of the plants left.

Cutie Chucky in an outfit that great great Grandma Percy made for her. 

Chucky is doing very well. She had her first round of injections last week and handled them very well. She screamed when they gave her the two shots but I fed her while we were still at the doctor’s office and she soon calmed down and fell asleep. She’s been sleeping all the way through the night and is happy as a cute little clam during the day. She laughs at us and even mimics us. She’s growing so quickly.

As for Brett and me, we are both doing well. Brett is enjoying work and is looking into joining a soccer club. I’ve been to Bikram yoga a few times this week with Keah although I don’t really think it’s for me. I’ll stick to running.

Here is an album of Chucky I have started for those of you who don’t have Google+ (but you all should get on Google+)

And here is another album of updates to the house.


  1. Sounds like you guys are really busy. Thats great, Charlie is the sweetest thing. I couldn't acess the new album but did see the photo's on Brett's facebook. Talk to U next week. Love Grandma.

  2. Hi Grandma, you couldn't see any of the photos from either album? I'm trying to figure out why it's not working...hopefully I'll get it figured out soon! Love you all!