Thursday, May 23, 2013

How to Survive Your Child's First Day of Day Care

Today is Chucky's first day of day care. I am exuberantly excited and extremely nervous all at the same time. I know she'll be okay- more than okay- she'll have a wonderful time with new kids and new experiences. Really, I'm worried more about myself. What will I do with 8 child free hours?!

So here's my game plan for surviving today without crying or picking her up too early (please, please don't let me do this)!

Work on much neglected projects and hobbies.

SLEEP! For the entire 8 hours!


Clean the bathroom because it really really needs it.

Go see a movie.

Go shopping.

Have lunch with a friend.

Paint my nails.

Sit on the couch and not move all day.

Have a drink - even though I won't really be doing this because we're expecting our second baby in October! But maybe you could!

So, I'm not really sure how today will go but at least I have - sort of - a game plan.

Here are some photos of what we've been up to lately (I know, it's been waay too long since my last post)

She loves her cute little bear coat. Thank Debi! 

Aww..the ball pit. So relaxing.

She's recently decided to loves to draw - on the walls and tiles also...

Wearing my shoes around the house

Road trip to Inskip

Camping at Inskip - C checking out the soldier crabs

C's first ride in a boat! She loved it! 

On the beach at Inskip


Grabbed a tub of yogurt off the counter...

Daddy & Daughter

First ever carnival ride - Greek Fest 

First day of Day Care!! 

AND of COURSE! Baby #2! Coming October 2013! :) :)

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  1. Nice!! Can't wait to see U and C. Love the bear coat. Bet C had a great time at daycare. love ya.