Monday, February 4, 2013

Queensland Storm 2013

We had a crazy storm here last week where we lost power for four days and thousands of others were much more severely affected. There is a drainage ditch behind the property our house sits on and I was convinced that it was going to flood like so many other creeks and rivers were doing in Queensland so Brett and I packed bags, gathered important documents and raised all important things off the ground -only to find out later that this property didn't even flood in 2011 when the flooding was much much worse- anyway, it gave us piece of mind. The really scary part of the storm, though, was the wind. I've never seen wind like that and was terrified that one of the huge trees that borders the back yard was going to fall onto the house so we moved our mattress into the front room and we all slept there. C loved having the mattress on the ground to play on and we enjoyed it because it was like a sleepover!

We came through the storm just fine with just some broken trees in the back yard and lots of palm fronds on the ground. Not having power for four days though wasn't so great. We couldn't wash laundry or cook food indoors - we cooked everything on the bbq- needless to say we were thrilled to get power back late last week. 

How did some of you other come through the storm? Okay I hope. xoxo

Now for photos of C because I know that's why most of you are here ;) 

C got this for Christmas from her Grandma Debbie and just recently decided she knew how to get on and ride it. 

Trying out the forward facing camera on my new phone. She loves it. 

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