Wednesday, February 15, 2012


We've actually begun to settle. Today is Brett's first day back at work and mine and Chucky's first day alone.

Debbie (Brett's mom) picked us up from the airport in Brisbane when we landed and brought us to Morningside, where we're temporarily staying until we find a place, we dropped off our bags, showered and then headed up to the Sunshine coast to see some of Brett's family. We swam at the pool and relaxed all day. The next day we went shopping with Brett's mom and she bought some summer clothes for Chucky because it's so hot here. The day after we came back to Brisbane and have been trying to get settled ever since. We've looked at a few places but haven't found anything we really like yet. We have a few more inspections this weekend so hopefully we find something we like soon.

Chucky was perfect on the plane - she slept most of the way and didn't have any trouble with her ears. She's adjusting well to the heat and is happy :) She's even started to smile/laugh at us when we make funny faces. 

"When the whole world fits inside of your arms" Jack Johnson

We miss everyone in America.

Lots of love,



  1. Glad your getting settled in. We miss you three. Good luck house hunting I know you will find some where great. Tell Charlie GG Virg and Great PaPa Tom love her love her. Talk to you soon love Grandma.

  2. so glad you're getting settled! I thought Brett's boss had a place for you to live? we need to catch up the last 2 weeks :) miss you tons, lots of love to you 3!

  3. You guys have the cutest little baby in whole world!!!! Love you guys and miss you!!!